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Navitas Semiconductor Introduces New Silicon Carbide Power Products At PCIM Europe

May 09, 2023 by Barbara Vergetis Lundin

The company has built a modular line for use in EV chargers, bi-directional microgrids, and a variety of high-power applications.

Navitas Semiconductor has announced at the PCIM Europe 2023 (Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion) conference in Nuremberg, Germany that it is expanding its portfolio of leading-edge silicon carbide (SiC) power products. The target applications for its new SiCPAK modular product line include electric vehicle (EV) chargers, wind energy, uninterruptable power systems, bi-directional microgrids, and DC-to-DC converters for a variety of purposes.

Navitas was founded in 2014 and has specialized in integrating gallium nitride (GaN) technology into power and drive systems. GeneSic silicon carbide complements GaN in power devices that are optimized for high power, high voltage, and high reliability. Over 75 million GaN and 10 million SiC units have been shipped.

Navitas has SiC technology that can range from 650 volts to 6500 volts making the devices ideal for a variety of high-power applications and zero-emission energy projects. The SiCPAK modules use a press-fit technology that is built upon the same modules used by the company’s GeneSiC that have already been proven for their superior performance, reliability, and rugged durability.


Navitas Semiconductor new SiCPAK modular product line

Navitas Semiconductor new SiCPAK modular product line. Image used courtesy of Navitas Semiconductor


Multiple configurations of SiC MOSFETs and MPS diodes will be available to create application-specific modules for a variety of high-energy applications. SiCPAK is lead-free—instead of soldering each SiC chip is silver (Ag) sintered to the module’s substrate which also provides superior cooling and reliability. The substrate is direct-bonded copper (DBC) and is manufactured using an active-metal brazing (AMB) technique on silicon-nitride (Si3N4) ceramics. This technique is ideal for power-cycling applications. Such advanced construction techniques deliver excellent strength and flexibility, fracture resistance, and good thermal conductivity for cool, reliable, long-life operation.


Helping to Move From Fossil Fuels

Navitas noted in a news release that with the addition of SiCPAK, it has a complete portfolio of leading-edge power, control, and isolation technology, that will enable its customers to accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels, convert legacy silicon power devices to new SiC technology, and to produce new, more powerful, and more efficient power devices.

EE Power is on-site at the 2023 PCIM Europe Conference that has been held annually in Nuremberg since 1979. The conference provides an international meeting place for leading industry experts in the fields of power electronics and specialized applications such as energy storage and E-Mobility. In addition to highlighting the latest trends in technology, the exhibition covers the entirety of the industry value chain from manufacturing and components to the latest innovative applications. Of particular interest are the technical presentations from the R&D departments of leading universities and corporations from around the globe. PCIM 2023 runs from May 9-11, 2023