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Micrometals introduces new SenMax Alloy Powder Material

May 16, 2020 by Micrometals

Micrometals introduces new SenMaxTM Alloy Powder material specifically formulated to optimize inductor performance parameters for demanding power applications.

Micrometals introduces new SenMax TM Alloy Powder material specifically formulated to optimize inductor performance parameters for demanding power applications.

Micrometals, a leader in high performance core solutions for power applications, has released a new proprietary formulation of distributed gap alloy powder core called SenMax TM. This new material is an advanced formulation of Sendust that provides core loss comparable to traditional Sendust but with 38% higher magnetizing force. 

SenMax is initially being offered in 26µ and 60µ permeability materials in toroid shapes from 3.5mm dia to 101mm dia. Special sizes and shapes are also available.

Chris Oliver, Micrometals Vice President of Engineering commented "For decades, engineers have trusted Micrometals cores to deliver exceptional reliability, consistency and performance. This new SenMax material will certainly deliver that same reliability and consistency, but with higher performance for engineers looking enhance DC Bias performance for existing Sendust designs and reduce losses for existing FluxSan designs. We anticipate SenMax will be an excellent choice for PFC boost inductors, DC/DC converters running at or near Critical Conduction Mode, and other applications that require an optimization of inductor size, cost and efficiency."

The SenMax materials have been incorporated into the Micrometals Online Inductor Design Tool, for facilitating material selection and design optimization - visit here.

More information on Micrometals new SenMax Alloy Powder products can be found here.


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