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Maxim Unveils Secure Supervisor to Meet PCI Voltage- & Temperature-Monitoring Requirements

August 30, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Maxim Integrated Products introduced the DS3650 SPI™-compatible secure battery-backup controller and supervisor with temperature and voltage monitoring. Specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of PCI-PED (payment card industry-PIN entry device) certification, the DS3650 integrates a battery-backup controller, system power monitor, CPU supervisor, temperature sensor, and two tamper-detection comparators. The high integration and advanced security features of the DS3650 make it suitable for point-of-sale (POS) terminals, PIN pads, and other equipment where data protection and security is critical.

The DS3650 provides two tamper-detection comparator inputs to interface with, and provide low-power continuous monitoring of, resistive antitamper meshes, external sensors, and digital interlocks. This secure supervisor constantly monitors primary power; in the event of failure, it automatically switches to an external battery power source to keep the device and external circuitry alive. The DS3650 also constantly monitors battery voltage and initiates a tamper response when the battery voltage becomes abnormal.

To facilitate recovery analysis after a tamper event occurs, an elapsed-time seconds counter freezes the value of a free-running 32-bit counter. Additionally, a user-programmable, internal digital temperature sensor provides a tamper response in the event of a thermal attack and freezes temperature and voltage values for recovery analysis.

Packaged in a lead-free, 4mm x 4mm, 16-ball CSBGA for added security, the DS3650 is fully specified over the -40 to +85°C extended temperature range. For tracing purposes, each device is inscribed with a unique 4-bit serial number.