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Maxim Unveils Power-Management ICs with Integrated Charger for 1-Cell Li+ Battery-Powered Devices

March 22, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Maxim Integrated Products introduced its MAX8662/MAX8663 highly integrated power-management ICs with a USB/ac-adapter linear charger and Smart Power Selector™ for portable devices powered by rechargeable single-cell Li+ batteries. Integrating Smart Power Selector circuitry that seamlessly distributes power between an external input, the battery, and system load, the MAX8662/MAX8663 are suitable for smartphones, PDAs, portable media players, and other portable devices for which energy efficiency is vital.

The MAX8662/MAX8663 utilize Maxim’s proprietary Smart Power Selector circuitry to efficiently distribute power between a USB/ac-adapter source, the battery, and system load. When external power is connected, the Smart Power Selector allows the system to operate with no battery or a deeply discharged battery. It automatically switches the system load from the battery and makes the best use of limited USB or adapter power while charging the battery from input power not used by the system. All necessary power switches and current-sense circuitry are included on the chip.

The MAX8663 integrates two high-efficiency, step-down dc-dc converters; four LDOs; and a full-featured charger with Smart Power Selector. The MAX8662 adds a step-up dc-dc converter for up to seven WLEDs or OLED displays. The two step-down dc-dc converters offer up to 97% efficiency, provide a 1V to 3.3V adjustable output, and support 1.2A and 900mA loads. The four LDOs support 500, 300, and two 150mA loads; to minimize power loss, they operate from a 1.7 to 5.5V input-voltage range. Additionally, the LDOs have selectable output voltages to eliminate external resistor-dividers and minimize board space.

The charger’s dc-input current limit is adjustable up to 2A and supports 500, 100, and USB-suspend modes. Charge current is adjustable up to 1.5A to accommodate a wide range of battery capacities. Other charger features include thermal regulation, overvoltage protection, charge status and fault outputs, a power-OK monitor, a battery-thermistor monitor, and a charge timer.

The MAX8662 is available in a thermally enhanced, 6mm x 6mm, 48-pin TQFN package; the MAX8663 is available in a thermally enhanced, 5mm x 5mm, 40-pin TQFN package. These devices are specified for the extended temperature range (-40 to +85°C). Prices start at $3.95 (1000-up, FOB USA).