New Industry Products

Low-Profile Gate Drive Transformers

June 08, 2017 by Paul Shepard

The new MID-GDT transformer series is now available from Wurth Electronics Midcom. These low-profile gate drive transformers are surface mount with a maximum height of 5.38mm, and operate with a voltage-time product of at least 70Vµs on the secondary windings. These pick-and-placeable transformers feature 1500V isolation, and have an operating temperature of -40 to 125 degrees C.

"These transformers are designed in such a way that the two critical parasitics for gate drive - leakage inductance and interwinding capacitance- are extremely low which improves the overall performance of the gate drive circuit," says Suravi Karmacharya, Product Applications Engineer at Wurth Electronics Midcom.

These transformers, 750316093 and 750316094, are best suited for industrial power supplies, smart grid power supplies, medical devices, telecom base station power supplies, motor drive control, and solar energy harvesting applications.