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Liebert Launches the 10 Fan Drycooler

May 23, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Liebert Corp. (Columbus, OH) debuted the 10 Fan Drycooler, designed to provide heat rejection of 150 tons in a footprint of 123 square feet. Available as either 60Hz and 50Hz systems, Liebert claims that the 10 Fan Drycooler provides the cooling capacity of two conventional eight-fan drycoolers, with a space savings of 172 square feet, and is easier to set up. The unit comes factory-assembled and pre-wired.

Standard features for the 10 Fan Drycooler include aluminum fins and copper coil tubes, wire guard to protect vertical coil surface and internal dividers with full-width baffles. They come with current-sensing relay, built-in motor overload protection, and permanently lubricated bearings. In addition, the 10 Fan Drycoolers have zinc-plated steel or aluminum fan blades, locking disconnect, and a full one-year warranty. A Quiet-Line model is also available, with eight-pole fan motors for applications with noise restrictions.

“The 10 Fan Drycooler will provide extreme heat rejection for demanding environments like telecom," said Theresa Krystofik, product manager. “This is the largest heat rejection unit in its class and a perfect match for rejecting the heat from as many as six 20-ton air conditioners." She added, “This is just one more piece in the 100 percent reliability puzzle. With maximum BTUs per square foot, the unit is suited for extremely large sites that require multiple units."

The 10 Fan Drycooler is currently available. List pricing is between $30,000 and $36,000. Leasing programs are also available.