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Lanhai Electronics Offers CL21X Series Capacitors

December 04, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Changzhou Lanhai Electronics Co. Ltd. (China) announced its new CL21X Series of capacitors, which feature a metallized polyester film dielectric, a flame-retardant epoxy resin, and are suitable for use in dc and pulse circuit applications. Available with dimensions ranging from 7mm x 7mm x 4mm to 10mm x 14mm x 5.5mm, the capacitors have a dissipation factor of 0.009 and are screened for operation over the -55 to +100 degrees C temperature range.

Capacitance values range from 1nF to 1µF (50V, 63V and 100V); 1nF to 0.15µF (160V and 250V); or 1nF to 56nF (400V) with ±5 percent or ±10 percent tolerance. Insulation resistance is at least 30 gigaohms if capacitance is 0.33µF. The devices are able to withstand 1.7 times their rated voltage for 5s.