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Kingnichi Presents EG Series Aluminum Capacitors

September 20, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Kingnichi Technology Guangzhou Co. Ltd. (China) announced the EG Series of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, which feature low impedance and high ripple current, with a tolerance to within ±20 percent at 120Hz, 25 degrees C. These devices conform to JIS-C-5141 standards. The capacitors have passed surge voltage, vibration, solderability, solder heat-resistance, vent, humidity and temperature cycle tests.

Specified over the -40 to +105 degrees C operating temperature range, the devices feature standard operating voltages of 6.3V, 10V, 16V, 25V, 35V, 50V and 63V. Minimum ESR is 13 milliohms at 25 degrees C, 100kHz. Maximum ripple current is 4.08A(rms) at 105 degrees C, 100kHz. The capacitors offer capacitance values ranging from 10µF to 10mF.

Devices with diameters of 5mm to 6.3mm last 3,000h; those with 8mm diameter have 4,000h service life; lifetime for capacitors with 10mm diameter is 5,000h; and 6,000h for those with 13mm diameter or bigger.

Minimum orders should be $5,000.