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Kemet Unveils Three Series of Hybrid Aluminum Polymer Capacitors

December 10, 2020 by Gary Elinoff

Aimed at automotive applications, the new devices offer high power density as well as low leakage current

The A780, PHA225, and PHH225 are based on Kemet’s proprietary hybrid design, featuring a combination of highly conductive polymer technology and liquid electrolytic material. As per Kemet, they are aimed at the 48 volt infrastructure that is now a part of the architectures of electrified vehicles and of the emerging universe of mild hybrid electric vehicles (MHEV).


From left to right: Kemet’s A780, PHH225, and PHA225 Hybrid Aluminum Polymer Capacitors.

From left to right: Kemet’s A780, PHH225, and PHA225 Hybrid Aluminum Polymer Capacitors. Image courtesy of Kemet


For all three series, the polymer system establishes an electrical pathway between the

cathode and the anodic oxide layer through a paper barrier which establishes a mechanical separator. The windings of these new hybrid aluminum polymer capacitors are infused with the liquid electrolyte establishing their self-healing capacities. 

This mechanical robustness makes the units appropriate choices for use in demanding aircraft, automotive, and mobile applications.


The A780 Series

The A780 series is a surface mount vertical chip (V-Chip) hybrid aluminum polymer capacitor. Both the solid polymer materials and the liquid aluminum electrolyte are housed in a cylindrical aluminum can. This combination provides the advantages such as a higher ripple current performance, lower equivalent series resistance (ESR) and lower leakage current. The units exhibit better self-healing capability than standard solid polymer aluminum capacitors not featuring liquid electrolyte. 

There are two subsets of this series; standard and anti-vibration versions. The length of the standard and anti-vibration versions are 12.2 and 12.4 mm, respectively, and both versions are 10 mm in diameter. Rated voltage is 63VDC. The units are available over a range of 56 to 100 µF. They can operate over a temperature range of -55 to +125 ℃.


The PHA225 and PHH225 Series

The PHA225 and PHH225 series are of an axial and radial crown design. They feature the same combination of highly conductive polymer and liquid electrolytic material as offered by the A780 series. It is that hybrid construction that provides an extremely low and stable equivalent series resistance (ESR) across all temperature ranges.

These devices are targeted at high power automotive applications such as power steering,  braking and injection systems, water pumps, cooling fans and 48 volt inverters

Both devices are available over a capacitance range of 370 to 1,100 µF. They can be specified with rated voltage of either 40 to 63 VDC, and operate over a -40 to 125 ℃ temperature range.

The PHA225 is offered with length and diameter of: 

  • 34.7 mm and 16.2 mm
  • 26.7 mm and 18.2 mm
  • 34.7 mm and 18.2 mm.

The PHH225 is offered with length and diameter of: 

  • 35.7 mm and 16.2 mm
  • 27.7 mm and 18.2 mm
  • 35.7 mm and 18.2 mm

Both the and the series comply with IEC 60384–4 long life grade 40/125/56.


“The design of the A780, PHA225, and PHH225 series incorporates KEMET’s proprietary hybrid polymer technology and electrolyte material,” said Rui Monteiro, KEMET Director of Aluminum Electrolytic Technology. “These advancements in our polymer and aluminum offering supports the growing automotive electrification trend and provides design engineers with reliable solutions for decoupling, smoothing, filtering, and power conversion.”


Regulatory and Environmental Considerations

Members of the three new series of Hybrid Aluminum Polymer Capacitors are:

  • AEC-Q200 compliance
  • RoHS compliant
  • Halogen-Free