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Isolation Solutions for Harsh Industrial and Automotive Applications

June 28, 2022 by Monolithic Power Systems

MPS offers a suite of isolated solutions designed to meet stringent high-power requirements. These solutions include isolated gate drivers, isolated current sensors, isolated power modules, and digital isolators with optional integrated power.

Isolation has become a critical safety component to protect both the human body and sensitive low-voltage devices in high-power applications such as solar inverters, DC fast-charging stations, energy storage, servers, and electrification in automotive. MPS’s robust isolated products use capacitive isolation to provide high CMTI while minimizing supply current. Noise immunity is achieved by isolating the analog and power ground signals to avoid cross-conduction from the MOSFET and improve communication quality. Higher source and sink peak currents than similar solutions enable high efficiency and industry-leading performance.


Image used courtesy of Bodo’s Power Systems


Monolithic Power Systems exhibited at Embedded World 2022 and showcased its technologies both on the expo floor and virtually, including high-power isolated solutions, battery management solutions, motor control and sensor solutions, and digital power solutions for computing.

In addition, MPS highlighted its motion control capabilities. The MP6570 motor driver solution is easy to use and includes an embedded field-oriented control (FOC) algorithm with flexible parameter configurations. It is highly versatile, supporting speed, position, and torque modes, and it offers flexibility with selectable SPI, I2C, and RS-485 interfaces. The MP6539 offers a 100V operating voltage to support a wide range of applications, an internal current-sense amplifier that minimizes component count and reduces BOM cost, as well as extensive protection features to enhance system reliability.

MPS’s battery management products offer a high level of integration and configurability, which reduces design time, solution size, and complexity. Features include:

  • Fast charging: Unique integrated power FET process that allows for faster charging and cooler operation.
  • High accuracy: State-of-charge (SoC) estimation, input current limit, charge current, and battery voltage regulation.
  • Safety focused: JEITA NTC monitoring, charge and watchdog timers, thermal regulation, as well as under-voltage (UV), overvoltage (OV), and over-current (OC) protection.
  • Quick time-to-market: Programmable settings allow for easy customization and short design time.

The MPS MagAlpha family of magnetic angle position sensors offers a way to measure angles. The MagAlpha range also offers performance advantages compared to rival magnetic sensing technologies. MagAlpha sensors use the patented SpinAxisTM Hall measurement technique, which provides instantaneous angle position in a digital format. It uses a phase detection approach that eliminates any need for analog-to-digital conversion or complex angle calculation used by more traditional technologies.


This article originally appeared in Bodo’s Power Systems magazine.


Feature image used courtesy of Bodo’s Power Systems