New Industry Products

IR Unveils New iNTERO Family of Power Modules

May 15, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

International Rectifier Corp. (IR, El Segundo, CA) launched the iNTERO family of intelligent power modules for industrial motor and servo drives, which offer new levels of integration and functionality to cut development time and cost, lowering development risk, simplifying the supply chain and upgrading performance.

The iNTERO family offers a highly flexible platform for multiple configurations and integration levels. The new modules integrate the power stage with an embedded driver board (EDB) that can deliver functionalities such as programmable drive control, current sensing, isolation, gate driver and power stage protection. The modules use the innovative EMP package that provides power pins and signal pins in the mechanical outline of the industry-standard EconoPack package. The EMP package enables easy assembly of the EDB on top of the power stage to provide a compact total solution in the footprint of the EconoPack.

The first iNTERO family device is the PIIPM50P12B004 programmable isolated intelligent power module (PI-IPM), a 50A, 1,200V, three-phase inverter for 15kW industrial and servo motors with on-board programmable DSP, current sensing, isolation, gate drivers and power stage. iNTERO products on the roadmap include different configurations such as inverter, bridge-brake and bridge-brake-inverter for power levels up to 15kW at 600V or 1,200V. All modules use IR advanced IGBT semiconductor technology that provides lower power losses, reduced trailing current for lower losses at higher frequency, higher ruggedness and lower noise than industry-standard IGBT technology.

Samples of the PIIPM50P12B004 are now available with volume production scheduled for summer of 2002. Pricing for the PIIPM50P12B004 is $500 each in 500-unit quantities.