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Integrated Utility-Scale Renewable Energy Storage Platform

June 12, 2017 by Jeff Shepard

HiVE Energy Systems has developed a fully integrated, reliable, safe and cost-effective renewable energy storage platform designed for commercial and utility-scale uses. The first commercial HiVE battery energy storage system was recently installed in Maui, Hawaii. The 500kWhr HiVE unit is an integral component of a completely off-grid community. Paired with a 140 kilowatt photovoltaic system, HiVE can deliver clean power free of the natural fluctuations of the photovoltaic system during the day or after the sun sets. HiVE offers an energy solution that is a perfect fit for a sustainable, environmentally friendly community.

"HiVE's battery storage systems are the ideal solution for any off-grid or grid-tied application," says Abbas Akhil, CTO. "The HiVE design team is changing the face of today's energy marketplace by making distributed energy storage viable, and cost-effective. HiVE distributed storage systems can eliminate the bottleneck caused by high penetration of rooftop PV on distribution feeders. HiVE offers a solution that can transform today's grid into a modern, robust, 100% renewable grid. HiVE incorporates advanced, integrated operating features that significantly out perform every alternative available today."

HiVE's design efficiently converts solar and wind power into firm, steady, reliable power 24/7 and is an affordable platform that puts clean, renewable energy in every business - while greatly reducing energy costs. HiVE has the potential to eliminate all fossil fuel generated electricity and its related pollution while guaranteeing abundant supplies of future energy by eliminating reliance on imported fossil fuels.

With a fully deployed HiVE network of energy storage systems, this transformation is possible. And it starts in Hawaii, with the highest energy costs in the US and abundant solar and wind energy potential. Made in Hawaii, HiVE will enable Hawaii to achieve its aggressive mandate of 100% renewable energy by 2045. HiVE is the gateway technology that can transform today's electric grid, as its intelligent, interactive control unit interconnects and communicates with other HiVE Systems - effectively creating an entirely new digital grid of clean, firm, steady renewable power.

"All the energy in the earth's reserves of coal, oil, and natural gas equal just 20 days of energy produced by the sun - but only 1% of that solar energy is used to generate power," Akhil continues. "HiVE offers true, 24/7 energy independence at a cost that millions of business owners and community utilities can afford. It's about time we start moving the electricity distribution system into the twenty-first century."

Selected to advance to the final round of the VERGE Hawaii Accelerate fastpitch showcase, HiVE Energy Systems will make a main stage presentation to VERGE Hawaii 2017: Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit at Honolulu's Hilton Hawaiian Village on June 20, 2017.