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Innotech Solar Develops 72-Cell Solar Module

April 09, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Norwegian PV module manufacturer Innotech Solar (ITS) has developed a 72-cell solar module that is made using re-processed solar cells and has an excellent carbon footprint as a result. The modules are larger than customary 60-cell modules and generate a higher yield. In fact, around 20% fewer modules are needed to achieve the same power yield, meaning that the costs for support frames and installation are lower.

"We designed the new EcoMax module especially for large-scale projects where the cost savings achieved by having a lower number of modules, as well as a shorter installation time, are huge. These factors play an increasingly large role in the project planning phase," explains Dr. Thomas Hillig, Director Sales & Marketing EMEA. "Clients that are particularly environmentally aware will also like the module series, because our manufacturing process uses very little energy."

Like other ITS modules, the 72-cell model is produced using re-processed solar cells, giving it a particularly small carbon footprint. Around 90% less energy is needed to manufacture modules with these cells than with conventional crystalline silicon cells. The company’s in-house research teams have developed an innovative process that restores rejected solar cells to their full capacity: Defective areas are identified using an infrared camera before being automatically isolated with special lasers. Strict testing on the cells, including thermal imaging conducted before and after processing, ensures the outstanding quality of ITS modules. Innotech Solar analyzes and optimizes cells from various manufacturers and has a production capacity in excess of 160 MWp.

EcoMax modules are available with power ratings between 270 and 280W.

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