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Infineon Releases a SiC Six-Pack Power Module for EV Traction Inverters

June 02, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

The HybridPACK Drive CoolSiC is a full-bridge module with a 1200-volt blocking voltage aimed at EV traction inverters

The power modules employ automotive CoolSiC trench MOSFET semiconductors. While sporting the same footprint as IGBT-based power modules, the HybridPACK Drive CoolSiC enables inverter designs to achieve up to 250 kW in the 1200 volt class.


The HybridPACK Drive CoolSiC. Image courtesy of Infineon
The HybridPACK Drive CoolSiC. Image courtesy of Infineon


Infineon introduced the first HybridPACK drive in 2017, exploiting the company’s silicon EDT2 technology. With a maximum power capability of 180 watts, Infineon sold over a million copies, installed on 20 separate EV platforms. 

But the next generation of EVs demand more than what silicon-based technology can provide, and the answer is SiC. 

As Mark Münzer, Head of Innovation and Emerging Technology at Infineon, describes it, “As the price of SiC devices significantly decreases, the commercialization of SiC solutions will accelerate, resulting in more cost-efficient platforms adopting SiC technology to improve the range of electric vehicles.” 

It is claimed by Infineon that The HybridPACK Drive CoolSiC is the first automotive frame module of this type to be available on the market


The Next Generation of Electric Vehicles, as Per Hyundai Motors

“The 800 V system of the Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) represents the technological basis for the next generation of electric vehicles with reduced charging time”, said Dr. Jin-Hwan Jung, Head of the Electrification Development Team at Hyundai Motor Group. “By using traction inverters based on Infineon’s CoolSiC power module, we were able to increase the range of the vehicle by more than five percent because of efficiency gains resulting from the lower losses of this SiC solution compared to Si based solution.” 


CoolSiC Trench MOSFET Technology 

The new CoolSiC version of Infineon’s well-known HybridPACK Drive is based on the company’s version of silicon carbide trench MOSFET structure. 

Image courtesy of Infineon
Image courtesy of Infineon


The trench structure enables a higher cell density than possible with planar structures. This allows  trench MOSFETs to be operated at lower gate-oxide field strengths, and the result is increased reliability. 


Two Versions of the HybridPACK Drive CoolSiC

Both versions of the 1200 volt MOSFET EV traction inverter feature a direct cooled pin-fin base plate and are available in the same package as IGBT B6 module, enabling a flawless update into existing product lines. There are:

  • FS03MR12A6MA1B. With maximum current capability of 400 amps, the unit features 8 chips per switch. Typical RDS(ON) is 2.75 mΩ 
  • FS05MR12A6MA1B. Maximum 200A with 4 chips per switch. Typical RDS(ON) is 5.5 mΩ 

For both devices, the output power is scalable via switch chip population. There is 4200 VDC one second insulation protection.

When compared to silicon-based units, there are lower conduction losses when a lighter load is demanded. Higher power density allows for system size reductions


Physical Considerations

  • The HybridPACK Drive CoolSiC power module is qualified to the AQG324 guideline for automotive power modules. 
  • Junction temperature of up to 150°C 


Regulatory and Safety

  • UL 94 V0 flammability standard for module frame 



  • RoHS compliant