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Hybrid PV Inverter targeted for Backup Power Applications

June 03, 2014 by Jeff Shepard

Schneider Electric Solar Business has introduced the next-generation of in Conext XW Hybrid inverter product line, the Conext XW+. The New Conext XW+ is a hybrid inverter specifically designed for: backup power for homes and businesses, residential retrofit of grid-tie solar with backup, residential self-consumption, off-grid homes and businesses, community electrification and micro-grids. With the Conext XW+ users can simplify system installation with the Conext XW+ Power Distribution Panel, integrate Conext MPPT solar charger controllers, ac couple with compatible PV inverters, and monitor battery resources with the New Context Battery Monitor.

The Conext XW+ includes several important capabilities: High Power Ratings: for starting and running demanding loads; Scalable Modular Architecture: single-phase or three-phase system sizes from 5.5 kW to 102 kW; PowerCoupling: to support dc coupled and ac coupled PV systems; ChargerPower: fast, efficient charging of lead-acid or Li-ion batteries; PriorityPower: prioritizes the consumption of solar power before purchasing power from the utility; GridSell: for exporting excess solar power where permitted to the electric grid; ParallelPower: the Conext XW+ supplements the grid helping you avoid peak utility charges; and GeneratorSupport: the Conext XW+ works with a generator to supplement its power capacity.

Also, with Schneider Electric's new Conext ComBox, users can also monitor and configure your entire system seamlessly from almost any PC or tablet device. Schneider says that the Conext XW+ is the one solution for grid-tie backup and off-grid solar for homes, businesses and communities.