New Industry Products

Hermetic, High-Voltage Cascode GaN Power FETs

November 27, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Solid State Devices, Inc. (SSDI) has introduced hermetic, high voltage GaN power FETs for aerospace and defense applications. The SGF46E70 family of 46A, 700V GaN FETs, features a low RDS(ON) maximum of 41mΩ (at 30A) and low QG maximum of 36nC (at 32A).

The SGF46E70 is available in a through hole package option, TO-254, and a surface mount option, SMD1. The SGF15E100 is a 15A, 1000V GaN FET in the TO-257 package. This device also offers a low RDS(ON) maximum of 205mΩ (at 10A) and low QG typical of 10nC (at 10A).

Both of these families are cascode devices combining a GaN HEMT and a low voltage silicon MOSFET driver for superior performance.

SSDI's high voltage GaN Power FETs can be used for a wide range of applications including high efficiency dc-dc and point-of-load converters, motor controllers, and robotics / automation, and so on.

GaN products have garnered much attention for their improved figure of merit (RDS(ON) x QG), which leads to faster switching speeds compared to traditional silicon MOSFETs. With lower conduction losses and cross-over losses than silicon MOSFETs, circuit designers can achieve higher efficiency by switching to GaN products.

GaN technology advantages over traditional Si transistors:

  • Wider bandwidth
  • Extremely low reverse recovery charge (QRR)
  • Low gate charge (QG)
  • Low drain to source on state resistance (RDS(ON))
  • Low temperature coefficient

Benefits for circuit designers:

  • Higher efficiency
  • Fast switching speed
  • Low cross-over losses
  • Lower on state losses
  • Eliminates need to add free-wheeling diode