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General Semiconductor Introduces the SMF Package

June 17, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

General Semiconductor (Melville, NY) announced a new SMF package that it claims offers the same current and power-handling capability of a power package in an ultra-small package. The SMF matches the JEDEC DO-219 standard outline, with a height of less than 1mm. The footprint allows it to fit on the mounting pad of a number of existing competitive devices. The SMF is suitable for use in portable electronics such as cellular phones, MP3 players and PDAs, as well as in various automotive applications.

The SMF uses General Semiconductor’s folded-frame technology. It has been designed with the leads flush to the bottom of the package. The initial product offering includes Zener diodes (BZD27 and GZF Series) rated at 800mW, Schottky rectifiers (SL02 - SL04) with an average forward-current rating of 1.1A, and standard rectifiers (S07B - S07M) with an average forward-current rating of 1.0A with reverse voltages up to 1,000V.

Pricing for the BZD27 through C3V6P is $0.14. The SL04 is priced at $0.11 and the S07B at $0.08. All products come in quantities of 10,000 pieces.