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GaN-Based Server Power Reference Platform Drives Efficiency in AI, Edge Computing 

August 20, 2023 by Mike Falter

Navitas Semiconductor has released the GaN CRPS185 3,200 W Titanium Plus server power reference platform designed to bring efficiency and high power density to AI and edge computing applications. 

Navitas Semiconductor has released its 3,200 W CRSP185 Titanium Plus server power reference platform constructed from its gallium nitride (GaN) power semiconductor device portfolio.


Grace Hopper superchip

Grace Hopper superchip. Image used courtesy of NVIDIA


The reference platform conforms to the Common Redundant Power Supply (CRPS) form factor and specifications defined by the hyperscale Open Compute Project, including participation from Facebook, Intel, Google, Microsoft, and other industry leaders.

In addition to complying with the CRPS form factor and power density requirements, the GaN-based platform exceeds the stringent 80 Plus Titanium efficiency specifications outlined for computer and server power supplies.


The AI Revolution

Released in 2020 by OpenAI, Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is an example of a large language model (LLM) that uses advanced AI algorithms to process text data at scale.    

Developing LLMs requires significant processing power to “train” the models across large text data sets. The GPUs, and other high-power processing platforms, used for these purposes consume significant amounts of power, which necessitates careful consideration of the power system design.     

For example, NVIDIA’s DGX GH200 AI supercomputer consists of 256 Grace Hopper Superchips that consume up to 1,600 W during operation. These latest power levels have increased server rack power density requirements by two-fold or more.  


Computer Power and Efficiency Standards

The latest CRSP server power reference specification was developed by the hyperscale Open Compute Project, a consortium formed to define hardware standards to support the growing demand for computing infrastructure.  

The Navitas reference design supports the CRSP185 specification, which calls for 3,200 W of power in a 1U form factor of 40 mm x 73.5mm x 185 mm, or a total volume of  544 cc. The resulting power density is 5.9 W/cc (~ 100 W/in3).  

But as the power demands of artificial intelligence and other compute-intensive applications (Bitcoin mining, etc.) rapidly increase, consideration must also be given to global economies that are looking to reduce carbon emissions by aggressively incentivizing power efficiency and conservation.

Along with government regulation, these forces push server power supplies to meet high-efficiency standards like 80 Plus.   

Formed in 2004, 80 Plus is a voluntary program that defines efficiency standards for computer and server power supplies. 


80 Plus power supply efficiency standards

80 Plus power supply efficiency standards. Image used courtesy of


Exceeding Efficiency Requirements

According to Navitas, the CRSP185 reference platform, based on GaNFast chipsets, exceeds the 80 Plus Titanium efficiency standards.

The reference design reaches over 96.5% efficiency at 30% load and maintains more than 96% efficiency across a load range from 20% to 60%.  

With this performance, Navitas estimates that over three years, its design can reduce total power consumption by up to 757 kWh, equating to a reduction in carbon emissions of about 755 kg.


Time to Market

The reference platform can help power system designers improve time to market with its fully tested hardware and embedded software, complete bill of materials, layout, and simulation test results.  


High Power Density with GaN

The Navitas 3,200 W CRSP185 server power reference platform is based on a 650 V GaNFast power switch and driver chipsets. The high operating speeds of the GaN devices contain switching losses allowing the design to meet the strict power density and efficiency requirements. 

GaN power technologies are quickly emerging as a primary option for high-performance, power-dense server and compute applications. According to Navitas, their high-efficiency GAN devices have a 40% smaller size than best-in-class legacy silicon solutions. 


GaNFast power switch for data center power.

GaNFast power switch for data center power. Image used courtesy of Navitas Semiconductor