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From the Sea to the Sky – Eighth-Brick Delivers 360W/in3 at 130°C

November 02, 2018 by Paul Shepard

The benchmarks Glary Power Technology set two years ago have yet to be broken. During electronica 2016, an up-to-125W E32 brick was demonstrated with the unit placed in the water, the water was boiled by heat from the unit itself, while the unit was powering a LED lamp-plate at the same time, and continuously running for 8 hours of each exhibition date without triggering over-temperature protection. Today, Glary Power Technology has exceeded that performance by releasing the E08 series eighth-brick, that delivers up to 3.2-times the E32's output power, with the same extreme operating conditions.

With single-output options of 28V/14A, 12V/33A and 5V/80A from 18- to 36-Vdc or 36- to 75-Vdc input ranges, E08 series is packaged in a 6-side metal case that operates at -60°C to +130°C temperature range with up to 94% efficiency that solidly renews the record of power density in dc-dc brick field, and reaches 360W/in3 at 500KHz switching frequency.

By adopting the unique control topology of a proprietary wide-band "Droop Current Sharing", E08 further allows direct-parallel by simply connecting the outputs of modules with no need of any noise sensitive current share bus, and supply even higher power without risking the system reliability.

Multiple E08 bricks in direct-parallel are proven to respond full scale step load within 20μS without evidently overshot and ringing, and effectively eliminates the risk of triggering the OCP especially when the user's system uses a low bandwidth current control loop for balancing the modules.

E08 series also deployed with Glary Power's proprietary ultra-fast current limiting circuit that solves the long-existing technical challenge of "Short-Circuit-Current-Runaway", which is a destructive high output current driven by the minimum output voltage in proportion with the propagation delay flowing through the short circuit loop or the low-impedance non-Ohmic loads.

The propagation delay of E08 series is as short as 60nS, that safely and effectively shifting the current limit set point to a much higher point than that of conventional converters, and makes it even more suitable for the non-Ohmic loads.

In addition to its high conversion performance, extreme environmental performance is another benchmark E08 series has set to offer. E08 is the only 1/8 brick in the market that equips four screw holes through the entire package with no extended dimension of a standard 1/8 brick package, that allows both the top and the bottom side of the brick to be firmly attached to external cooling means or user's system walls, and further performs sufficient mechanical strength in constantly high temperature and dusty environment with harsh vibration all in once.

The vacuum potted high thermal conductivity silicone helps with heat transfer and maintains hydrostatic pressure balance in the high strength metallic case to withstand pressure range from 1mBar to 100Bar, which, in actual nature of application environment, equals to be from 20kM up in the sky to 1kM under the water.

All the second-to-none features embedded in this product effectively simplify the system designs for critical application in extreme environments such as deep-water probes, high-altitude instruments and other equipment that the other conventional power converters are not able to comply to perform as a whole.