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FDK Introduces New Series of Voltage Regulator Modules

January 21, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

FDK Corp. introduced the VR Series of voltage regulator modules (VRM) with the announcement of the FPVR12CR50130PA dc-dc converter. Designed to meet the power needs of high end microprocessors and related devices in servers, workstations, supercomputers and storage, the VR Series converters are compatible with the Intel® VRM 11.1 specification. The FPVR12CR50130PA is the first product in this series and delivers up to 130A of continuous output current with minimal derating and high efficiency.

The FPVR12CR50130PA converter operates from an 11.04 to 12.60Vdc input, and provides an 8-bit VID programmable output voltage in the range of 0.50 to 1.60Vdc. Benchmarked at an output voltage of 1.35Vdc, it delivers the full rated continuous output current of 130A with no derating up to 40°C with 400LFM (2m/s) airflow, at an efficiency of 87%. To minimize capacitance needs, it has a power train comprising six interleaved phases, with an effective switching frequency of 2.4MHz.

The FPVR12CR50130PA is offered in a 3.780 x 0.728 in (96.0 x 18.5mm) card edge package, with a height of 1.177 in (29.9mm). The low profile makes it suitable for applications with rack heights down to 1U, while occupying a footprint of only 2.8 in² (18cm²). Standard features include remote ON/OFF, over-current and over-temperature protection, and a light load mode to improve efficiency at low output current.

"This converter of the new VR Series is a timely addition to FDK’s growing portfolio of leading-edge power conversion solutions," said Dr. Apurba Roy, Executive Advisor, FDK Corp.. "The VR Series brings FDK’s advanced electrical and thermal design techniques and manufacturing expertise to the heart of the microprocessor power arena."

All VR Series products are RoHS compliant. They are manufactured using FDK’s state of the art in-house manufacturing processes and systems in Japan. In quantities of 1,000 pieces, the FPVR12CR50130PA converter is priced at $45. Lead time is 8 weeks. Samples are available now.