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Extended Temperature and Life Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

September 11, 2019 by Paul Shepard

NIC Components Corp. has introduced the NSPE-ZJ series of SMT hybrid construction aluminum electrolytic  capacitors featuring increased operating temperatures and extended lifetimes. NSPE-ZJ is supported in working voltages from 25- to 63-Vdc, in capacitance values from 33uF to 330uF and with increased  ripple current ratings up to 2Arms/100kHz (+135ºC).

NSPE-ZJ series has an operating temperature range of -55ºC to +145ºC with extended lifetime ratings from 2000 hours (+145ºC) and 4000 hours at +135ºC (equivalent to 32,000 hours at 105ºC).

The NSPE-ZJ capacitors are expected to be used in 12V and 48Vdc automotive systems, enterprise level systems, power supplies and amplifiers, inverters, 5G cellular infrastructure, motor drives, green power applications, office equipment, and so on.

Features and specifications:

  • -55ºC to +145ºC operating temperature rated
  • Dual rated for +135ºC and +145ºC
  • Higher RCR (up to 2Arms) and twice lifetime upgrade (4000 hours) at +135ºC, as compared to +145ºC
  • Lifetime equivalent to 32,000 hours at +105ºC
  • Voltage ratings from 25Vdc to 63Vdc
  • Supported in wide-terminal (vibration resistant) version
  • AEC-Q200, suitable to use in automotive applications
  • +260ºC reflow rated