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EPC Launches 40 V eGaN FET Ideal for High Power Density Solutions for USB-C Battery Chargers and Ultra-thin Point-of-Load Converters

December 17, 2020 by Hailey Stewart

EPC introduces the 40 V, 3 milliohm EPC2055 eGaN FET, offering designers a device that is smaller, more efficient, and more reliable than currently available devices for high performance, space-constrained applications.

Efficient Power Conversion Corporation, the world’s leader in enhancement-mode gallium nitride on silicon (eGaN) power FETs and ICs, advances the performance capability of low voltage, off-the-shelf gallium nitride transistors with the introduction of the EPC2055 (3 mΩ, 40 V) eGaN FET. 


Image courtesy of EPC. 

This device is ideal for applications with demanding requirements for performance in space-constrained form factors including USB-C battery chargers and ultra-thin point-of-load (POL) converters. Other low-voltage applications benefiting from the fast-switching speeds and ultra-high efficiency of the EPC2055 include LED lighting, 12 V – 24 V input motor drivers, and lidar systems for robotics, drones, and autonomous cars.

According to Alex Lidow, EPC’s co-founder and CEO, “The EPC2055 is a very good example of the rapid evolution of GaN FET technology. This 40-volt device offers both smaller size and reduced parasitics compared with previous-generation 40 V GaN FETs and at a lower cost; thus, offering designers both improved performance and cost savings.”


Development Board

The EPC90132 development board is a 40 V maximum device voltage, 25 A maximum output current, half-bridge with onboard gate drives, featuring the EPC2055 eGaN FETs. This 2” x 2” (50.8 mm x 50.8 mm) board is designed for optimal switching performance and contains all critical components for easy evaluation of the EPC2055.   Both the EPC2055 and EPC90132 are available to order from Digi-Key at


About EPC

EPC is the leader in enhancement-mode gallium nitride-based power management devices. EPC was the first to introduce enhancement-mode gallium-nitride-on-silicon (eGaN) FETs as power MOSFET replacements in applications such as DC-DC converters, wireless power transfer, envelope tracking, RF transmission, power inverters, remote sensing technology (lidar), and class-D audio amplifiers with device performance many times greater than the best silicon power MOSFETs. EPC also has a growing portfolio of eGaN-based integrated circuits that provide even greater space, energy, and cost-efficiency.