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EMI Application Mode Added to Spectrum Analyzers for Pre-Compliance Analysis

February 28, 2019 by Paul Shepard

RIGOL Technologies announced its EMI Application Mode, a significant addition to its UltraReal family of Real-time Spectrum Analyzers for EMI pre-compliance measurements. RIGOL's EMI Measurement Application gives a complete EMI pre-compliance solution letting engineers measure, compare, analyze, and report on EMI issues throughout their design process.

The EMI Application Mode allows for easy measurement set up. Features including integrated CISPR Bandwidths and Detectors, simple limit line construction, automated multi-segment scan, and the ability to use up to three simultaneous detectors make it simple to get initial scans and measurements.

Advanced capabilities such as real-time detector measurements, automated peak/limit searches, and simple correction table integration make configuring more complex test environments and analyzing results more straightforward than ever before.

In addition, comprehensive setup, storage and report generation capabilities make documenting, sharing, and repeating your tests more obvious.

"EMI Pre-Compliance has historically been a very important application area for RIGOL. The amazing price performance of our DSA815 Spectrum Analyzer brought the ability to complete true EMI pre-compliance measurements to an under-served class of customers" says Michael Rizzo, General Manager of RIGOL North America.

"The new EMI Application Mode on our RSA family of spectrum analyzers brings more advanced capability and integration to customers trying to understand the EMI characteristics of their design and preparing for full compliance testing," Rizzo added.

Benefits of the EMI Measurement Application

  • Expanded capabilities within RSA Series Spectrum Analyzers
  • Built in CISPR bandwidths and detectors
  • Automated scans of multiple segments
  • Limit Lines and automated peak/limit searches
  • Up to 3 traces with different detectors
  • Log Frequency Display
  • Live measurements with three detectors at marker or signal of interest
  • Corrections for antennas, LISNs, cables, and preamps
  • Report Generation

The EMI measurement mode gives the RSA Series spectrum analyzers with limits, and it provides CISPR detector modes including Quasi-Peak, CISPR Average, and RMS Average. Engineers also have access to the standard EMI resolution bandwidths (200Hz, 9kHz, 120kHz, and 1MHz).

EMI mode operates entirely within the instrument from the touch screen or with a mouse and keyboard. This makes it simple to archive reports, run scans, and jump to a signal of interest and immediately debug when needed.

The bar graph below shows real-time measurements at a given frequency of interest. This utility is made to quickly move to a signal of interest right after a scan without having to change modes.

It can show live measurements on up to 3 detectors at the frequency of interest, providing an easy transition to debugging and further analysis.

For engineers using a common EMI test software platform, their software toolkits provide flexibility by integrating components from multiple test vendors. Many of these pre-compliance software packages support spectrum analyzers including models made by RIGOL. All RIGOL spectrum analyzers can be programmed over USB or Ethernet using a standard SCPI instruction set.

EMI Mode on the RSA family of spectrum analyzers provides all the capabilities of a complete EMI validation software package within the instrument.

The EMI Option is available pre- or post-purchase for either the RSA3000 or RSA5000 series spectrum analyzer as a software-enabled option. Either system, the RSA3000-EMI or RSA5000-EMI, has a list price of $999 and is available immediately for purchase.