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Emerson Network Power Unveils New Liebert UPS Platform

April 02, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Emerson Network Power has unveiled the first models of its new Liebert NXL™ UPS platform. Uninterruptible power supply systems within this family are designed for medium and large data centers.

Liebert NXL UPS systems are said to provide dynamic performance with the ability to handle virtually any input condition while still supporting present and future computer loads with up to a 0.95 leading power factor without derating. First models of this on-line double conversion UPS are available in 250, 300 and 400kVA ratings.

"Increasing capacity requirements and the expectation for high availability levels are forcing data center, IT and facilities managers to focus their attention on developing new power infrastructure designs built on the most reliable UPS technologies," said Joergen Madsen, Senior Product Manager, Liebert AC Power, Emerson Network Power. "Based on the proven performance of Emerson’s Liebert family of UPS products, the Liebert NXL is the next generation high-capacity UPS system that will allow organizations to provide continuous protection for their critical systems."

The company states that key Liebert NXL features include: superior overload and fault-clearing capability; color touch screen controls that improve user interface and reduce risk of human error; matching battery and maintenance bypass cabinets for easy configuration; Liebert ActiveStar® Digital Signal Processor (DSP) controls, full front access for easy installation and service; compact cabinet design that require less floor space; improved cable access that results in faster and easier installation; and built-in battery cabinet breaker that isolates string for ease of service.