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Emerson Adds Higher Capacity, Power Distribution & Maintenance Bypass Cabinet to Liebert NX UPS Product Line

December 12, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Emerson Network Power has released 160 and 200kVA ratings in its Liebert NX with Softscale™ double conversion uninterruptible power supply (UPS) platform, designed for midsize businesses seeking a backup power solution that grows incrementally without requiring infrastructure renovation. The product is available in North America and South America.

Now spanning the range of 40 to 200 kVA, the Liebert NX product line includes optional maintenance bypass/power distribution cabinets. A single maintenance bypass/distribution cabinet provides complete wrap-around bypass for a UPS system, and may also be used to provide input and output voltage transformation. The cabinets are available with panel board or sub-feed output distribution.

The Liebert NX UPS is available with front and rear access for easy integration into a row of racks, or front-only access for installation against a wall. The Liebert NX UPS may be located on a raised or solid floor, and provides maximum wiring flexibility by including provision for bottom or overhead cable entry.

Softscale technology is included in all Liebert NX UPS units from 40 to 200 kVA, allowing the UPS to be sized to current power requirements and easily scaled up to a larger capacity with a simple software key as power needs grow. System ratings are scalable from 40 to 80 kVA, from 80 to 120 kVA, or from 160 to 200 kVA. This feature offers IT managers an economical path on which to plan for data center growth without adding to the UPS footprint. For higher power applications or when system redundancy is desired, the Liebert NX power cores can be paralleled to provide up to 600 kVA of capacity with +1 redundancy.

"IT managers are often faced with rapid and unpredictable compute growth, while being forced to work within limited budgets and a fixed floor space," said David Sonner, senior director, product marketing, Emerson Network Power’s Liebert AC Power business in North America. "The Liebert NX with Softscale is a solid investment because it allows for growth without additional floor space. It permits companies to pay now only for the capacity needed to power today’s data center configuration, while providing an economical growth path for tomorrow’s computing needs."

Start-up of a Liebert NX system by Emerson Network Power’s Liebert Services business includes one-year of Ntegrated Monitoring and Reporting that provides monthly equipment health reports, alarm retrieval and warehousing, escalation management and 24 x 7 emergency response from Liebert Services. Ntegrated Monitoring incorporates advanced monitoring and leading network security to provide an integrated approach to alarm management, equipment maintenance and emergency service response.