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EMC Components: TDK offers miniaturized, high performance thin-film common-mode filters for mobile devices

September 05, 2021 by Hailey Stewart

TDK’s wide array of products meets the needs for common filters for high-speed differential signal lines, including for USB, MIPI and HDMI.

TDK Corporation has developed the TCM0403M Series of miniaturized thin-film common-mode filters for mobile devices. The 0403 case size (0.45 x 0.3 x 0.23 ㎜) is 58 % smaller and 56 % lighter than previous products. With its high common-mode attenuation characteristic, these products reduce intruding noise and improve wireless signal reception sensitivity. The common-mode attenuation at 2.4 GHz is 21 dB, and 28 dB at 5.0 GHz, with a maximum permissible current of 50 mA. Mass production started in August 2021.

  • New to the series, the product provides high-attenuation and high-speed signal transmission
  • Footprint is 58% smaller and weight is 56% lighter than existing products due to thin-film method

Image used courtesy of TDK

Due to the growing multifunctionality of wireless devices such as smartphones, wearables, and other mobile products, noises generated inside the devices are deteriorating wireless signals. It is critical to prevent the deterioration of signal reception sensitivity and to prevent external noise that has the potential to cause device malfunction; this series addresses those common challenges.

The products are mountable in ultra-small spaces due to their 58 % footprint reduction, which was previously impossible with the existing TCM0605 Series (0.65 x 0.5 ㎜ case size). By improving TDK’s proprietary fine pattern technology and optimizing design, the products feature a common-mode attenuation characteristic that equals existing products and a differential transmission characteristic capable of supporting high-speed signal transmission.

TDK’s wide array of products meets the needs for common filters for high-speed differential signal lines, including for USB, MIPI, and HDMI.



  • Mode transfer characteristic: Differential - common-mode transfer characteristic (Scd21)


Main applications

  • High-speed differential interfaces (USB, MIPI, HDMI, etc.) in mobile devices such as wearable devices, smartphones, and tablets.


Main features and benefits

  • A compact size of 0.45 (L) x 0.3 (W) x 0.23 (H) ㎜ to facilitate space saving
  • 58 % smaller footprint and 56 % lighter weight than existing products
  • High common-mode attenuation, supporting high-speed signal transmission and great mode transfer characteristic (Scd21)


Key Data
Type Common-mode attenuation [dB] typ.

DC resistance

[Ω] /1 line

Rated current

[㎃] max

Rated voltage
[V] max.

Insulation resistance
[㏁] min.

TCM0403M-120-2P-T210 21 @ 2.4 GHz 1.0 ± 30 % 50 5 10
TCM0403M-350-2P-T210 28 @ 5.0 GHz 2.0 ± 30 % 50 5 10


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