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Eaton Announces Addition To UPS Family To Improve Energy Efficiency

September 10, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Eaton Corp. announced the introduction of its new addition to the Powerware® series, the Eaton 9130 UPS, which the company says will help Information Technology (IT) managers carry out green initiatives in their IT environments. The new 700 to 3000VA UPS models are said to feature a high-efficiency design that saves energy without sacrificing reliability.

The Eaton 9130 features a 0.9 output power factor for delivering full power to equipment that may have a wide range of leading and lagging power factors. Well suited for servers, networking equipment, telecommunications, Voice over IP (VoIP) and security systems, the Eaton 9130 is said to deliver clean, continuous power to protect critical equipment from power anomalies in utility power. In addition, the Eaton 9130 can operate in a high-efficiency mode of greater that 95% when power conditions are within acceptable limits.

"The greening of power while ensuring reliability is a key concern in today’s IT environment. Eaton’s 9130 has been specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers by delivering high power availability while using an exceptionally efficient design," said Hervé Tardy, Vice President and General Manager, Eaton Distributed Power Quality Business Unit. "Customers will find the Eaton 9130 one of the most energy intelligent UPSs on the market today that offers not only smart energy management, but also provides the highest level of power protection that today’s IT infrastructures require."

Utilizing a double-conversion design, the UPS continually monitors power conditions – regulating both voltage and frequency – to provide pure sinewave power that modern equipment requires. In addition, the Eaton 9130 features a wide input voltage window so the UPS does not have to depend on batteries to smooth out minor power fluctuations, thus saving battery life.

Moreover, the 9130 features Eaton’s ABM® technology that incorporates sophisticated sensing circuitry and a three-stage charging technique that significantly extends the service of the UPS batteries while optimizing recharge time. Monitoring the state of the batteries is crucial, especially in mission-critical operations. The 9130 provides users with up to 60-days notice that a hot-swappable battery is approaching the end of its useful life. For applications requiring extended backup times, four external battery modules can be added to run connected systems for hours during a prolonged power outage.