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EA Unveiling High-Power and High-Efficiency Battery Testing

June 10, 2023 by Emily Newton

EA Electro-Automatik’s recently released EA-BT 20000 Triple allows engineers to test three battery packs, cells, or modules, simultaneously.

German company EA Elektro-Automatik has a well-established history of developing and supplying industrial-quality power supplies. Engineers in the automotive and alternative energy sectors are among those on the company’s client list. 


EA-BT 20000 Triple

EA-BT 20000 Triple. Image used courtesy of EA Electro-Automatik

The EA Elektro-Automatik team prizes innovation, and one of their approaches is to release boundary-pushing products regularly. One of the newest is the EA-BT 20000 Triple. As the name suggests, this device allows engineers to test three battery packs, cells, or modules simultaneously. Here’s what else engineers should know. 


The Highest-Power Option in Battery Testing

One standout aspect of the EA-BT 20000 Triple is it’s the highest-power battery testing device on the market. While testing three cells, packs, or modules, the device has a power capacity of 4, 6, and 10 kilowatts per channel. Alternatively, engineers can parallel the channels to test 12, 18, or 30-kilowatt packs. 

This battery tester has eight models with voltage outputs ranging from 10 to 920 volts and current outputs or channels spanning 40 to 600 amperes. Engineers using one EA-BT 20000 tester can use it to continually provide a single 1800-ampere channel or three channels of 600 amperes each. 

The EA-BT 20000 also supports the bottom line by maximizing throughput beyond what single-output testers can. Companies can then streamline testing to make that phase more cost-effective. 

This versatility caters to engineers working in various phases of the full battery lifecycle, whether research and development or end-of-life and recycling procedures. It also provides the reliability required by battery users in tightly regulated industries, such as aerospace and defense. 

Additionally, users can become more productive because the EA-BT 20000 interprets commands and carries out readings with control speeds up to 1 millisecond. Since this device supports CAN FD, Ether CAT, and Gb/S Ethernet, various options exist for making the most of it while working with existing systems. 


A Multi-Purpose Product 

Engineers in the energy-generation industry often feel compelled to develop products that could change how users live and interact with powered devices. Consider how Nikola Labs developed a charger that converts radio waves from cellular infrastructure into energy a smartphone can use. It can cause up to a 30% increase in smartphone battery life. That’s substantial, given how dependent many people are on these devices.

EA Elektro-Automatik carved a marketplace niche by designing the EA-BT 20000 to fill numerous needs frequently faced by battery development and usage specialists. First, the device allows engineers to check that batteries meet standards, whether new products, those needing second-life classifications in the automotive industry, or those requiring end-of-life testing. The tester also supports automated or standalone systems.

The tester also has simulation features, facilitating the design of maximally efficient batteries that suit current and future uses. It provides reproducible data to increase confidence as battery development progresses. An overcurrent protection feature also protects connected loads and promotes safe functionality. 

Finally, the EA-BT 20000’s battery-recycling capabilities completely discharge the battery, preparing it for further processing. Engineers can get the maximum deep discharge at high charge current, even at voltages less than 2 volts. The company says the efficiency exceeds 96% when returning the battery’s power to the grid. That makes it especially appealing to industrial clients. 


Potential Sale of a High-Worth Company 

Besides its internal innovations, EA Elektro-Automatik recognizes other companies with similarly forward-thinking visions. That occurs through the Industry Leader Award Program. The first was NI, a company that pushes electric vehicle technology forward through improved battery-testing options. 

An innovative culture can make companies more attractive to potential buyers. That may be what’s happening for EA Elektro-Automatik. Bregal Investments acquired the company in 2019. However, sources indicate representatives at the mid-market investment firm are getting advice about the potential marketplace appetite for its sale. The transaction could reach $1 billion, according to those familiar with the situation.


Facilitating Battery-Testing Progress

With the release of the EA-BT 20000 and its other ongoing efforts, EA Elektro-Automatik asserts itself as a company to watch. Battery professionals and those interested in energy-related developments should keep an eye on what the business offers next.