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DC Fans for Automotive Applications

May 30, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Orion Fans has expanded its dc product offering to provide enhanced cooling solutions for automotive applications. Orion Fans' extensive dc fan and blower product line delivers efficient cooling solutions for automotive applications including air conditioning, air filtering, diagnostic equipment, infotainment system, LED headlights/brake light, navigation system, seat cushion, and specialty cooling applications.

Designed for highly restrictive environments, Orion's dc fans deliver superior airflows up to 1200 CFM. The high performance fan series feature specially designed blades that focus air movement to push/pull air through obstacles to cool electronic systems and other high static pressure applications.

Orion's dc blowers provide a low power, energy-efficient solution. Available from 50mm to 182mm with airflows up to 136 CFM, these blowers are well-suited for air filtration and ventilation systems.

Many fans and blowers from Orion are available with ratings up to IP68 to meet automotive requirements. Salt fog-rated fans and blowers are also available.

"Our dc fans and blowers offer a space-saving design, simplified installation and mounting, and maintenance-free operation in automotive applications," said David Luna, VP Marketing at Orion Fans.

"In addition to cooling systems for vehicles, our dc fans supports a wide range of automotive applications including electric vehicle charging systems, diagnostic equipment for engines, transmissions, truck cabs, and brakes,” Luna concluded.