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Danfoss Solar Inverters Announces New Design Tool Based on Coming PV Express 4.0 Platform from Valentin

July 12, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Danfoss Solar Inverters announced its new design tool, the LynxPlanner 1.0, which is based on the coming PV SOL® express 4.0 platform from Valentin Software. Drawing on a comprehensive database of PV modules, updated by the module manufacturers themselves and 1400 meteorological points of observation, the LynxPlanner will make a proficient proposition to system layout.

The comprehensive module database also includes thin film modules, and should a module lack it is possible to enter module data manually. In addition, new features are incorporated such as the opportunity to sketch in the area available, including obstacles. LynxPlanner also takes inverter string configuration flexibility as well as different shading scenarios into consideration, meaning the best utilization of the modules, area available and inverter are suggested.

By entering the tilt angle and orientation and because the meteorological data is available, the tool can subsequently provide expected yield estimations. This calculation is based on PV SOL Professional’s calculation algorithms.

New features compared to the previous PV Design Tool 1.0 from Danfoss Solar Inverters include: support of thin film modules; module database updated directly by module manufactures (PV SOL database); free draw of roof top area; and yield prognosis.

New features compared to PV SOL express 3.0 from Valentin Software include: free sketch of roof top area; layout suggestions according to inverter string configuration options; adjustability of inverter string configuration; exact planning; 5 languages supported; and user-friendly overview with all important detail information.