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Dahua Battery Debuts DH12400 Series Batteries

October 29, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Fujian Quanzhou Dahua Battery Co. Ltd. (China) announced the Dahua DH12400 Series of rechargeable sealed lead-acid batteries, which feature a 40Ah (20h rate) capacity at 12V nominal voltage and a 40 degrees C temperature. Nominal capacity at a 10h rate is 38Ah. The batteries measure 197mm x 165mm x 170mm with the B2-D5 terminals, and weigh about 14kg.

The batteries require an initial charging current of <12A, with the voltage ranging from 14.4V to 15V at 25 degrees C. Standby voltage is 13.5V to 13.8V. They exhibit an internal resistance of 8 milliohms. They operate from 0 to 40 degrees C and last 300 charge and discharge cycles. The SLA batteries carry UL and CE quality certifications.