New Industry Products

Current Transformers Help Utilities Maximize Revenue and Decrease Cost

December 18, 2014 by Jeff Shepard

GE's Digital Energy business announced its Encompass™ and RevenueSense™ 600-volt current transformers. Both products enable a utility to maximize billing revenue by ensuring more precise meter readings. Due to the range of applications that both products can cover, a utility also can reduce its inventory by up to nearly 90 percent when using these products.

“Rapid acceptance of both products proves that utilities have a strong incentive to invest in equipment that enables them to capture more revenue and decrease costs,” said Jim Koepsell, general manager of power sensing equipment at GE’s Digital Energy business. “We’re excited to see the benefits that Encompass and RevenueSense can deliver for our customers.”

Encompass wide range CTs are designed for commercial and industrial applications. Encompass CT’s substantially reduce inventory, complexity and improve standardization for meter shop operations, particularly when used with GE’s kV2c FITZALL™ transformer rated meters. Models include: JCR-0W, 10A-1000A, 2” Window, Indoor/Outdoor; JAK-0W, 20A-2000A, 3” Window, Indoor/Outdoor; JAB-0W, 20A-3000A, 4.5” x 3.5” Window, specifically designed for secondary bushing of padmount transformers; and JAD-0W, 40A-4500A, 5.75” Window, Indoor/Outdoor.

RevenueSense wide range, high accuracy CTs are also designed for commercial and industrial applications. Models include: JCT-0S, 6A to 1200A, 2”Window, Indoor/Outdoor; JAK-0S, 6A to 1800A, 3” Window, Indoor/Outdoor; JAB-0S, 10A to 4000A, 4.5” x 3.5” Window, Indoor/Outdoor; and JAD-0S, 12A to 4500A, 5.75” Window, Indoor/Outdoor.

GE developed these products in response to utilities’ need for an innovative and cost-effective way to decrease operation and asset costs while increasing payback. Traditional 600-volt current transformers are at risk of producing less accurate readings when currents fall outside rated levels. Less accurate readings can lead to lost billing opportunities.

By operating over a wider range, GE’s Encompass and RevenueSense can each eliminate the need for multiple current transformers. This not only simplifies the current transformer size and selection process for a utility, it also reduces inventory requirements and costs. Both products also reduce billing multipliers, resulting in improved productivity and minimized risk of error in the billing process and meter programing.