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Cree and Gospower Partner to Give Silicon Carbide a Boost

June 26, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Cree announces its partnership with Gospower which focuses on the development of silicon-carbide-based power supply solutions for boosting China’s power server market.

Cree, Inc. Is a leading global provider of silicon carbide (SiC)-based technology. Recently, Cree announced its entry into a partnership with Shenzhen Gospower Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (Gospower). Gospower will use Cree’s (Wolfspeed) 650V silicon carbide (SiC) metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) for next-generation common redundant power supply (CRPS) solutions. These solutions will give Gospower the ability to help meet China’s data storage needs.

Image used courtesy of Cree Wolfspeed 
 Image used courtesy of Cree Wolfspeed 

The Global Server Market

A server is a computer, device, or a program that provides data, resources, services, or programs to other computers, known as clients, across a network. The global market  for servers is growing and this is because of the growing number of new data centers. The world is changing and becoming more digital with Smart Factories, online shopping, virtual, augmented, and extended reality technologies becoming more  widespread. The coronavirus pandemic caused a small dip in server sales. However, the pandemic also saw the move from working in the office to working from home, so people sought out e-commerce websites and other platforms for shopping and entertainment. This resulted in the increase of non-contact transaction methods, and also payment wallets, which caused an avenue for growth. 

Post pandemic, server demand is expected to increase and computing power supply will be needed to support cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), distributed storage, and 5G industries.


Cree’s Wolfspeed SiC Technology

Cree’s Wolfspeed’s 650V SiC MOSFETs aims to provide customers with high efficiency through low switching and conduction losses. The technology also features high power density, smaller footprints, lighter weight, and a simpler design. 

Gospower has used Cree’s Wolfspeed MOSFETs in a 2400W/2600W 185mm CRPS solution that conforms to a totem pole bridgeless power factor correction (PFC) design. The device has been designed to be more cost-effective, efficient, and resilient to higher temperatures. It also features a compact design, higher power density, lower switching losses, and zero reverse recovery.

Image courtesy of Cree. 
Image courtesy of Cree

In a recent news release, the CEO of Cree, Gregg Lowe, commented: Across the globe, our Wolfspeed silicon carbide devices are advancing technological solutions by increasing efficiency and performance with smaller, more scalable power systems. This solution will help advance the power supply sector and is a testament to the innovations that are made possible by silicon carbide when we collaborate with industry leaders such as Gospower.”

In the same news release, the CEO of Gospower, Mr. Ruan Shiliang, said: “To meet the growing need for a power supply solution that has higher efficiency, smaller size, and high power density, we partnered with Cree to utilize its Wolfspeed® 650V silicon carbide MOSFETs to create an application that will help transform the Chinese server market. Our next-generation CRPS solution will enable Gospower to be a leader in this sector and to efficiently support China’s data storage needs.”