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Concord Keystone Releases Portable Solar Panel Chargers

January 05, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Concord Keystone Trading, LLC introduced Portable Solar Panel Chargers for use as power sources that provide on-the-go charging capability for mobile phones, MP3/PMP players, game players and rechargeable batteries and battery packs.

The Solar Panel Chargers are available in two styles – Flat Panel and Foldable Wallet Styles to accommodate user preferences for portability and storage. In addition, both styles are available in 4.5V, 300mA and 5.0V, 600mA capacities, and use a standard USB port for connectivity. Simply expose the panels to sunlight and begin charging your batteries or devices by connecting one of the assorted USB cables (included) to the portable panel charger and one end to a small electronic device. The larger panel chargers are capable of recharging 2 AA batteries within approximately 4 hours in direct sun. The Foldable Wallet Charger rolls up and is secured with a snap closure, and the flat panel stores about as easily as a paper pad.

The Portable Solar Panel Chargers are designed for outdoor conditions and are perfect for vacations, camping trips, sports events and other outdoor activities. They can be conveniently carried in briefcases, backpacks or jacket pockets.