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Compact Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing System

September 03, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Typhoon HIL has unveiled the HIL402, an all-new 4-series hardware-in-the-loop system that has been carefully designed to revolutionize the power electronics education and to help power electronics SMEs to reach new heights in power electronics control systems performance. As the penetration of renewable power sources increases worldwide, it is very important that the computer tools that help develop, test and integrate them keep the step too. The technology brought by Typhoon HIL does exactly that.

If the end of the 20th century was all about bits, the beginning of this century is for sure about joules; eco-friendly, efficient, controllable and networked joules. Typhoon HIL, the award-winning, global technology leader in hardware-in-the-loop for power electronics, has recognized this trend and is supporting it with its game changing HIL innovations.

That is why Typhoon HIL has created its latest technological marvel, its HIL402, a notebook sized hardware-in-the-loop device. HIL402 is a ground breaking innovation in HIL hardware. It runs the industry leading software/firmware from the more powerful family of Typhoon HIL 6-series devices which power HIL laboratories at the market-leading companies such as ABB, Schneider Electric, Woodward, Liebherr, Toshiba and many others.

HIL402 enables engineers to solve hard power electronics problems in the safety and comfort of their offices using the same tools as the leaders of power electronics industry. The power electronics educators and researchers can perform research with HIL402 at a fraction of the cost of traditional power electronics laboratories, while giving their students industry-relevant hands-on practical assignments. SMEs can benefit from HIL402’s real-time capabilities that may have been out of their reach in the 6-series devices.

Typhoon HIL vertically integrated solution offers uncompromised user experience from day one. HIL402 builds on this rock solid foundation in the direction of ever more flexibility, robustness, speed and reliability only a vertically integrated approach can offer. Thanks to Typhoon HIL’s streamlined test suite package, complex testing scenarios are just a click away, while simulations can run accurately for days, weeks or even months thanks to the innovation and the high-end engineering sophistication built into its hardware platform and advanced numerical algorithms. It is this synergy harmonious integration of hardware and software which enables students, researchers and power electronics professionals to reach new heights in the quality and efficiency when executing their most challenging projects.

HIL402 also comes with a brand new Signal Processing Toolbox which comprises a comprehensive library of signal processing components that can be seamlessly integrated with electrical domain elements.