New Industry Products

Commercial-Avionics-Compliant AC-DCs with PFC

April 03, 2019 by Scott McMahan

SynQor, Inc., announced its new AeroQor product line specially designed for commercial avionics. The AeroQor product line is comprised of high efficiency, isolated power factor correction modules (APFIC) and ac filters specifically designed to meet the most rigorous commercial airline specifications (RTCA/DO-160G, Boeing and Airbus).

This new product family provides a wide frequency range of single-phase and 3-phase, ac-dc converter solutions for all in-cabin power applications. Droop-share variants are available to combine multiple converters for higher power applications.

The power factor, THD, inrush, and electro-magnetic interference (EMI) characteristics of these converters allow them to meet some of the most stringent standards in the industry. Synqor designed the AeroQor modules with a high-level of documentation and full traceability.

The single-phase APFIC converters have a universal input, 85Vrms to 264Vrms, and a wide input frequency range of 47Hz to 63Hz and 360Hz to 800Hz.

The input characteristics of the single-phase APFICs allow designers to meet several of the high and low input voltage transients while continuously delivering power. The company optimized the power factor, THD and EMI characteristics of these modules for low- and mid-power in-cabin applications.

The AeroQor product line also includes 3-phase, 115VrmsL-N isolated power factor correction modules, which are specifically designed to draw balanced currents from the source for higher power applications. These high-efficiency modules have a wide frequency range, low THD, near unity power factor and low inrush which are critical for commercial aircraft applications.

The company devised the AeroQor line of EMI ac filters to mitigate EMI emissions from AC-DC converters in commercial aircraft. The combination of the AeroQor filters and converters let designers meet the toughest conducted and radiated emissions and susceptibility standards in the market.

Additionally, the rugged construction of the AeroQor modules allow them to meet the harsh environmental conditions demanded by the commercial airline market.

These converters can operate from -40ºC to +85ºC at an altitude of up to 70,000 feet. The modules also comply to the dust, vibration, and humidity specifications that commercial avionics requires.

Synqor says that the impressive power density of the modules helps optimize space in an industry where space is at a premium. Furthermore, SynQor says that the new converters and filters offer field-proven, highly reliable technology that shortens design cycles and helps designers/integrators devise yield-dependable solutions for the very competitive commercial aircraft industry.


  • High Efficiency, Light Weight, High-Reliability
  • Excellent PF, THD and Inrush Characteristics
  • Wide Input and Frequency Range
  • High Level of Documentation and Full Traceability
  • isolated 325W output power
  • Universal input frequency range: 47Hz-63Hz / 360Hz-800Hz
  • Input voltage range: 85Vrms-264Vrms
  • ≥0.99 Power Factor
  • High efficiency: 92% (230Vrms)
  • Internal inrush current limit
  • Auxiliary 10 V bias supply, primary-side referenced
  • Can be paralleled (droop version only)
  • High Power density:
    • up to 750W for APFIC-115-3PH-xx[R,D]-FT (full-brick)
    • up to 325W for APFIC-U-xx[R,D]-HT (half-brick)
    • up to 100W for APFIC-U-xx[R,D]-HM (half-brick)
  • Wide input range:
    • 173-242 VL-L for APFIC-115-3PH-xx[R,D]-FT
    • 85Vrms to 264 Vrms for APFIC-U-xx[R,D]-HT
    • 85Vrms to 264 Vrms for APFIC-U-xx[R,D]-HM
  • High efficiency: 92%
  • Protection Features
    • Input current limit and auto-recovery short circuit protection
    • Auto-recovery input under/over-voltage protection
    • Auto-recovery output over-voltage protection
    • Auto-recovery thermal shutdown
  • Specification Compliance
    • RTCA/DO-160G
    • Airbus ADB 0100.1.8E
    • Boeing 787B3-0147
    • Boeing D6-36440
    • Boeing D6-16650
    • Boeing D6-44588