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Cherokee Offers Eagle Series DC/DC Converters

August 21, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Cherokee International LLC (Tustin, CA), a manufacturer of switch-mode power supplies, announced its Eagle family of high-power dc/dc converters in the new industry standard, eighth-brick package. The Eagle product line delivers high currents of 30A at efficiencies as high as 91%. The single-output converters have a high power density of 89W/in³ and can handle input voltages across a wide input range from 36Vdc to 75Vdc in accordance with ETSI and Bellcore specifications.

Measuring 0.89in x 2.30in x 0.41in, Cherokee’s eighth-brick modules are a direct plug-in to existing quarter-brick applications at only 60% of the size of it’s predecessor, enabling adaptation for multiple footprints on a system board. The Eagle converters are suitable for tight card pitch requirements while minimizing airflow shadowing and enhancing cooling for downstream devices.

Thermal performance of the Eagle converters reflects full-rated, output-current performance without derating in typical operating environments of 50°C and 300LFM. Leading-edge performance is achieved by increasing operating efficiencies using proprietary drive schemes for synchronous rectification in conjunction with applying Cherokee's thermal management practices.

The converters come complete with vital industry-standard features such as remote on/off, remote sensing, output-voltage adjust pin, over-temperature protection, output over-current and over-voltage protection, and input under-voltage protection. Additional features include self-contained bias circuitry that eliminates race conditions, no minimum load requirements, constant-frequency operation for predictable EMI characteristics, tightly regulated outputs, low ripple and noise, and auto restart after fault shutdown.

The Eagle converters are available in 5V, 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, 1.5V and 1.2V output-voltage modules and are priced at $42 for quantities of 1,000 units. Samples are available directly through Cherokee International.