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Central Semiconductor Debuts CMUT5179 Transistor

January 28, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Central Semiconductor Corp. (Hauppauge, NY) announced the release of the new CMUT5179 NPN silicon RF transistor designed for low noise, high-frequency amplification and high-output oscillator applications. The device features a high 1.45 GHz (typical) and is packaged in the ULTRAmini SOT-523 case, which reduces the required circuit board space by approximately 60 percent as compared to the industry-standard SOT-23 case.

The CMUT5179 has a nominal profile of 0.68mm and is also a member of the new SUBONE family of devices, which feature a profile of <1.0mm. The reduced package size makes the CMUT5179 suitable for portable electronic products requiring the same function and specifications as the larger discontinued Motorola MMBR5179. Central also continues to manufacture the CMPT5179 device in the SOT-23 case.

The CMUT5179 is available in a bulk pack or in 3,000 pieces on 7in tape-and-reel. Pricing starts at $0.16 each for 3,000 pieces on a 7in reel. Sample devices are available upon request.