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Brill Power’s New Technology Extends Battery Life by 60%

June 25, 2023 by Jake Hertz

The company claims its new tech marks a step change in commercial viability.

Regarding battery performance, the battery itself is only one part of the equation. Alongside the battery, battery technology like battery management systems (BMS) and analytics can be crucial aspects for achieving maximum battery performance.


BrillCore hardware platform

The BrillCore hardware platform. Image used courtesy of Brill Power


One company that is significantly invested in developing an ecosystem of battery technology to support maximal battery performance is Brill Power. The company has launched the BESA BP6X1, a battery management system that merges a slew of technologies to extend battery lifetimes by up to 60%. 

This article looks at the new product from Brill Power and the underlying technology.



When looking at the BESA BP6X1, the main piece of hardware responsible for the product is known as BrillCore.

BrillCore is a specially designed piece of hardware meant to optimize battery performance through tasks such as the active loading of battery cells. According to the company, active loading is a technique that enables greater battery cell utilization, resulting in decreased battery degradation and an extension of battery lifetime by up to 60%.

Additionally, BrillCore offers an integrated DC/DC converter which allows the hardware to support the direct integration of batteries with sources such as photovoltaic cells or EV chargers. Altogether, the hardware is said to help the BESA BP6X1 battery management system to utilize 46% more energy from aged batteries than otherwise possible.


BrillOS + BrillAnalytics

Alongside the BrillCore hardware, the BESA BP6X1 system is supported by two other pieces of tech: BrillOS and BrillAnalytics.


BESA BP6X1 consists of BrillCore, BrillOS, and BrillAnalytics

BESA BP6X1 consists of BrillCore, BrillOS, and BrillAnalytics. Image used courtesy of Brill Power


BrillOS is a universal operating system for batteries. With high-precision monitoring algorithms, BrillOS helps ensure maximum accuracy of battery safety, battery state of charge (SOC), and power capability. Additionally, the operating system claims to be hardware/chemistry-agnostic and completely compatible with any battery type. In doing this, BrillOS adds another layer to the BESA BP6X1 BMS by enabling intelligent battery monitoring and increasing reliability for all use cases.

BrillAnalytics, on the other hand, is a connected end-to-end management software that provides designers with battery insights. For example, BrillAnalytics can have features like predictive analytics to enable optimal battery usage and prevent imminent faults. BrillAnalytics is a cloud-based platform that ultimately provides BESA BP6X1 users with a better way to manage and oversee their systems. 


More Specs

According to the BESA BP6X1 specification sheet, the new product is designed to be a modular system for larger applications like industrial and utility-scale battery systems.

As a part of this, the system can support an output voltage range from 48-800 V fully regulated, a maximum continuous output current of 62.5A, and a maximum continuous cell current of 160 A. Designed to be modular, the system also supports parallel pack connectivity of up to 10 parallel packs and a maximum of 40 series-connected modules. Impressively, the system also achieves a peak efficiency of up to 98%.

All things considered, the BESA BP6X1 from Brill Power seems to be a solid offering in the industrial battery management system space. With a slew of advanced features and high peak efficiency, the system hopes to drastically improve industrial battery lifetimes and performance.