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Bourns Next-Generation GDTs Improve Standard Surge Current Ratings by 40%

January 12, 2021 by Hailey Stewart

Bourns introduced its gas discharge tube (GDT) Model GDT25 series that offers a 40 percent improvement in standard surge current ratings

Bourns, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, today introduced its gas discharge tube (GDT) Model GDT25 series that offers a 40 percent improvement in standard surge current ratings from existing Bourns® models. These new and improved next-generation devices have been designed using Bourns' proprietary, advanced computer simulation techniques and offer industry-leading maximum impulse voltage limiting specifications. The performance delivered in Bourns' latest generation GDT25 series helps to significantly heighten protection against induced voltage transients such as lightning and AC induction. Plus, the enhanced level of protection with tighter voltage limiting provided during fast-rising events should reduce stress on downstream components compared to current standard GDT designs.


Bourns Next-Generation GDTs Improve Standard Surge Current Ratings by 40 Figure

Image courtesy of Bourns.


Offering superior current handling capabilities, specific Bourns® GDT25 series models are available in several voltages that exceed the industry standard lightning surge current rating of 5 kA for a 5 mm surface mount GDT. In addition, these next-generation Bourns® GDTs provide excellent performance across a wide temperature range, low capacitance and low insertion loss making them an ideal protection solution for high-speed information and communication technology (ICT) equipment such as set top boxes, Ethernet, DSL and G.Fast-based applications.

"The speed and robustness we designed into our Model GDT25 series presents a new standard for 5 mm overvoltage surge arrestors, as demonstrated by featured ratings of 7 kA, 8/20 surge and 7 A AC with one second power cross. Our new GDT series continues our legacy of delivering the quality, innovation and engineering excellence customers have come to expect from Bourns," said Tomaz Bojko, Product Line Manager at Bourns.

Providing an additional protection solution design resource that will help engineers to streamline prototype testing, a Bourns® GDT25 Design Kit is also available that contains five pieces of each GDT25 model.

The Bourns® GDT25 series is UL recognized and available now. For more detailed product information, please see here.


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