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AVX Announces Comprehensive Line of SMPS Capacitors

July 05, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

AVX Corp. (Myrtle Beach, SC) announced that it is now offering a comprehensive range of stacked capacitors for high-reliability applications. The company's SMPS MIL-qualified capacitors are available with capacitance ratings from 0.056mF up to 270mF. Designed for high-current, high-power and high-temperature applications, these stacked capacitors have very low ESR and ESL.

The SMPS Series of capacitors are primarily used in input/output filters of high-power and high-voltage power supplies, as well as in bus filters and dc snubbers for high-power inverters and other high-current applications.

"The SMPS Series capacitors offer superior volumetric efficiency in comparison with other capacitor technologies," said Bob Obuszewski, AVX product manager. "Their proven performance is evidenced by their ongoing use for military and aerospace projects that require the highest reliability."

AVX's SMPS Series is available in through-hole and surface-mount leads. The operating temperature range is -55 to 125 degrees C. The typical lead time for the SMPS capacitors is stock to 15 weeks.