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AP&C Unveils New AFH1 AC Power Source

October 30, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Advanced Power and Controls LLC (AP&C, Santa Ana, CA) unveiled the AFH1, a new series of programmable ac power sources that offer a range of adjustable output voltage and frequency. The AFH1 is designed to provide high-quality, low-cost, instrument-grade ac power for production and research and development testing, or quality assurance verification of commercial, avionics, marine or military equipment. According to AP&C vice President Gary Rasmussen, the new series provides precise measurement and display of output.

The AFH1 can be utilized as a table-top or rack-mount configuration. It can be operated by four different methods, including manual front panel controls, remote control via GPIB, RS-232C or APG analog programming. In addition, the AFH1 provides a range of output from 0Vac to 300Vac (500Vac is also available) and 45Hz to 1kHz, while providing rated power at all voltages. The AFH1 has built-in self-diagnostics and protection, including over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-power and short circuit, as well as over-temperature.

The AFH1 is available in six different ratings from 375VA to 6kVA. Input voltages vary between 90Vac and 132Vac, or 180Vac to 250Vac.

The 375Vac model is priced at $2,460 with availability from stock to four weeks.