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Alpha & Omega Semi Introduces New High Voltage MOSFET Family

August 14, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Alpha & Omega Semiconductor, Inc. (AOS) announced the release of ten 600V-rated MOSFETs. The announcement represents a significant addition to AOS’ extensive portfolio of low voltage trench MOSFETs. The new 600V devices are well suited for use in ac-dc power supplies and adapters used for desktop and notebook PCs, LCD TVs, and handheld devices such as cellular phones and PDAs.

The new MOSFETs allow high efficiency power conversion with reduced switching losses by offering an optimized combination of low RDS(ON) and Crss. A wide range of applications can be supported with current ratings from 1A, in the form of AOD1N60, to 12A in the forms of AOT12N60 and OTF12N60.

"We are delighted to offer these new 600V MOSFETs to our customers. This is the first stage of a comprehensive product release that will allow AOS to offer a complete range of products to support AC-DC power conversion applications," said David Grey, Marketing Director of MOSFETs at AOS. "There is growing demand for the new Bronze, Silver and Gold 80 Plus certifications for higher efficiency power supplies. By developing high performance high voltage MOSFETs, in conjunction with lower voltage synchronous rectifiers, AOS will be able to provide power supply designers with advanced total MOSFET solutions."

The high voltage MOSFETs were developed to reduce switching losses through lowering the Crss. In addition, robustness was "designed in" with high avalanche energy capability that is also guaranteed through 100% final testing. The devices are available in three industry-standard packages: DPAK, TO-220 and the electrically isolated TO-220F.