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Agilent’s modular power system offers 1200W, 1U package

February 05, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced four new modules and two mainframes to its modular power system that extend its range to 1200W, making it an industry leader in the number of outputs and amount of power that can be packed into a 1U (1-EIA rack unit) rack-mountable system, company officials said.

These products represent Agilent's next step in a series of enhancements to the Agilent N6700 low-profile modular power system (MPS). The N6700 gives test system integrators in the aerospace/defense, consumer electronics, computers and peripherals, communications, semiconductor and automotive industries the flexibility to optimize performance, power and price to match test needs, officials said.

"Our customers value the small size, mix-and-match design and performance of the Agilent N6700 MPS," said Scott Sampl, vice president and general manager of Agilent's System Products Division. "They have asked for more power in the same small, flexible and fast package, and we've given it to them. And more enhancements are on the way."

The two new mainframes, offering 600W and 1200W capability, join the currently available 400W mainframe. All mainframes accommodate one to four modules in a system-ready, 1U package size. Four new 300W basic programmable power supply modules have been added to the Agilent N6700 to extend its range of coverage. The four new 300W modules, available from 20V, 15A, to 100V, 3A, are basic dc power supplies that pack maximum power in a module that occupies only one slot in a mainframe.

The four new modules, together with the 16 modules already being offered, comprise a family ranging in power from 50W to 300W at three different performance levels (basic, high-performance, and precision). Test system integrators can mix and match any of these 20 modules in any of the three MPS mainframes to create a dc power system of one to four outputs totaling 400W, 600W or 1200W of dc power, at prices starting at $1,000 per output.

The four new Agilent N6700 MPS modules and two new system mainframes are available for purchase now and will begin shipping in January 2006. The new 300W basic dc power modules are the N6773A (20V, 15A, 300W); the N6774A (35V, 9A, 300W); the N6775A (60V, 5A, 300W); and the N6776A (100V, 3A, 300W). Each new 300W power module is $1,250.

The N6701A 600W low-profile MPS mainframe is priced at $2,500, and the N6702A 1200W low-profile MPS mainframe is priced at $3,300.