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Absopulse Releases 500W Universal Input UPS/Battery Charger For Rugged Environments

January 13, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Absopulse Electronics has recently released the BCH 501 series, a compact dc output UPS system/battery charger. The unit utilizes high frequency conversion topology to generate 500W output power. The input accepts a jumper selectable 115 or 230Vac, a 95 to 264Vac universal input with power factor correction, or a 250Vdc (220 to 370Vdc range). Standard output float voltages of 13.8, 27.6, 55.4 or 138Vdc are available.

The BCH 501 is comprised of two vertically stacked (’piggy-backed’) chassis, a solution which results in a small basal surface area for the entire system. The lower chassis contains the basic charger section with charger fail alarm (Form C), battery temperature compensation and separation diode. The UPS section, mounted on the power supply section, is entirely self-contained; it features low battery disconnect, low battery alarm (Form C) as well as monitoring circuits for the battery condition, battery presence and battery fuse.

This ’piggy-backed’ approach is said to ensure that considerable flexibility: changes can be made to either the charger or UPS sections separately. An range of designs for both charger and UPS units is available. The BCH 501 is conduction/convection cooled and requires no fan.

The BCH 501 (without BTC) is priced in the range of US$303 at quantities of 100, depending on the exact configuration.