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ABB Adds 3-Phase, 200/208/240 VAC Devices to its Existing Rectifier Line

October 17, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

The new units are aimed at telecom, networking, and data center power applications in regions where 380-480V feeds are uncommon.

In an announcement, ABB unveiled its GP100L3R48TEZ, which operates from three-phase 200/208/240 Vac inputs and provides a 6kW, 48VDC output. In the same announcement, ABB revealed that the capabilities of its extant GPS4830 powers system have been expanded to accommodate “lowline” input voltages, a term generally ascribed to 3-phase power over 180 to 264VAC input ranges.


The Need to Accommodate Lower Input Voltages

The new versions of ABB’s existing rectifiers and power systems make it possible for ABB to support all customers regardless of the voltage rails most readily available to them. These new variations of solid, existing lines may be of particular interest to operators in Japan, where low line (200-, 208- and 240-volt) AC utility power the norm.

As per Vito Savino, wireline and data center segment leader at ABB Power Conversion, “With voltage levels varying by region, a one-size-fits-all approach to power conversion topologies cannot effectively meet the capacity demands of telecom applications responsible for keeping our world connected.” He went on to say that, “By expanding our line of GPS4830 power systems to now support lower-voltage environments, we can meet the needs and requirements of our global customers while helping to provide the reliable, quality power they require.” 


The GP100L3R48TEZ

The GP100L3R48TEZ is part of ABB’s GP100 series of 6kW units. The device offers a power density of 27 Watt/in3, and features a peak efficiency of 95.5%. Full 6kW output is available for input voltages ranging from 200 to 240 3-phase AC. The output voltage is programmable over a 42 to 58VDC range, with constant power output is available over a 42 to 58 VDC range.

The GP100 Rectifier GP100L3R48TEZ. Image courtesy of datasheet


The unit features a typical power factor of 0.995, and the holdup time to 40VDC is 8 ms, typical. Output current at 54V and 48VDC are 111 and 125 amps, respectively. The maximum output ripple (over a 5Hz to 20MHz bandwidth) is 250 millivolts peak-to-peak. Cooling is achieved through front-to-back airflow effected via internal, temperature-controlled fans.

Physical Considerations include:

  • The GP100L3R48TEZ is available in a 1RU form factor with dimensions of 1.61 x 7.97 x 17.36 inches, and weight is 8.95 pounds.
  • The unit operates over a temperature range of –10°C to +75°C, with an output derating of 2% per degree centigrade, starting at +50°C.


The GPS4830

The lowline GPS4830 bay, with 12 GP100 rectifier shelves in use,  can supply 144 kW of power for telecommunications or similar purposes. Each shelve contains two rectifiers, so this configuration includes 24 rectifiers.  Even in this fully equipped application, only 25 inches of vertical space is taken up, which leaves 44 inches of vertical space remaining available for the installation of distribution panels. Up to eight GPS4830 cabinets can be configured together, providing up to 21,120A at 48VDC, or slightly greater than 1 megawatt.

The GPS4830. Image courtesy of ABB’s Ordering Guide


The GPS4830 features the Galaxy Millennium 3 controller, allowing for power monitoring and remote management. It is through the bay interface card (BIC 11) that multiple cabinets can be joined, to pool the separate output powers. Communication with the network operation center is affected via Ethernet, SNMP, Modbus RTU, and TL1.


A Complete Range of Systems

Vito Savino further comments that, “The addition of the low-line GP100 to our product portfolio enables us to provide a complete range of GPS4830 power systems to meet our customers’ needs regardless of the utility voltage available near their facility,” Savino continued. “And with both high-line and low-line variations now available, we can provide a one-stop-shop for our customers to meet their global telecom power needs.”