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8x800A Secondary Power Distribution System

March 26, 2014 by Jeff Shepard

Alpha Technologies Ltd. today announced the launch of the new BDFB 8x800A. The Battery Distribution Fuse Bay (BDFB) 8x800A is a secondary distribution solution for cell site, CO, MSC, Data Center and Cable Headend facilities. The introduction of the 8x800A complements Alpha's recently launched family of CXPS power systems for Central Offices, providing a full suite of power solutions for large office applications. The 8x800A is designed to be fed from a centralized power system, bringing power closer to the connected equipment. The system offers standard rear access for cable terminations.

Its key features include: Flexible dual, quad, 6 or 8 feed options; Each panel consists of 20 secondary load positions; Flexible circuit breaker and TPS fuse options; Options for internal and external return; and top or bottom feed configurations. Unlike other BDFBs, the 8x800A provides an industry leading total system capacity exceeding 5000A (continuous rating) distributed amongst 8 panels, enabling customers to obtain full utilization of the current from the primary power plant.

The 8x800A is further differentiated by the optional cable management bus kits that simplify and facilitate cabling the BDFB. The use of oversized busswork and 25mV current shunts maximize operating efficiency and reduce OPEX costs.

"With data and switching equipment requiring larger load currents, many BDFBs run out of current available on the panel long before exhausting the distribution positions," said Rahul Baliga, Associate Product Manager - Power and Distribution Systems at Alpha Technologies. "That's where the BDFB 8x800A is different. The 8-panel design divides the primary power into smaller increments, which better approximates the amount of power needed by a 20-position panel. This design helps our customers reduce CAPEX by optimizing the use of the distribution panels."