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75W 4:1 Input 1 x 2 DC-DC Converters

January 12, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Semiconductor Circuits, Inc. has added the "Cool Power Technologies" wide input range 1 x 2 dc-dc converter series. These metal encased and potted modules provide up to 75W of output power - suited for distributed power architecture applications or as a fully regulated intermediate bus converter.

These modules are compliant with the industry standard footprint and interface standards. The converters have a wide input voltage range of 9- to 36-Vdc or 18- to 75-Vdc and provide 1600Vdc input-to-output isolation. Available output voltages range from 3.3V to 48V.

The CP 1×2 4:1 input series meets RoHS III Directive 2015/863/EU and REACH 1907/2006 - 197 SVHC update compliant. The module complies with all of the typical industry requirements including no minimum load, 2X nominal input voltage transient and pre-biased load startup.

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Other features include: fixed-frequency operation, auto-restart OVP, OCP & OTP protections, UVLO and +/-10% output voltage trim. Remote ON/OFF is standard with positive or negative logic options available.

The modules feature a standard 1 x 2 pinout with dimensions of 2" L x 1" W (50.8mm x 25.4mm.) They have a height of 0.41″ (10.4mm) which accommodates tight card spacing with minimal airflow blockage of downstream components. The converters are also available as an open-frame module 1.94″ L x 0.94″ W x 0.33″ H.