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650V / 72mΩ GaN FETs in a PQFN88 Package

September 16, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Transphorm Inc. announced its first Gen III Gallium-Nitride transistors in a PQFN88 package. The new 650V devices are available in two versions, the TP65H070LSG (source tab) and TP65H070LDG (drain tab), and offer an on-resistance of 72mΩ.

The adoption rate of high voltage GaN power electronics is on the rise. Transphorm has announced several customers with diverse end products including, server and industrial power supplies, Gaming PC supplies, portable solar generators, and more, that demonstrate the technology’s value proposition.

Launched in June 2018, Transphorm’s Gen III devices came onto the market as the highest quality, highest reliability [Q+R] GaN FETs available. They pair a custom-designed low-voltage MOSFET with the GaN FET to offer:

  • Quieter switching
  • Higher performance at increased current levels with minimal external circuitry
  • Increased noise immunity (threshold voltage at 4V)
  • Increased gate robustness (at +/- 20V)

The Gen III drain and source PQFN88 packages include wider pins for increased board level reliability (BLR), which increases the reliability of multi-layer printed circuit board (PCB) designs. Offering the drain and source tab configurations also accommodates both high and low side switch locations. This provides increased radiated immunity as the large pad is soldered to the non-switching node.

Further, adding PQFN88 devices to the existing list of Gen III TO-XXX FETs gives engineers an opportunity to explore GaN-driven surface mount applications using Transphorm’s latest technology.

“Our focus continues to be on increasing GaN FET reliability while delivering higher power density,” said Philip Zuk, Vice President of Technical Marketing Worldwide and North America Sales, Transphorm. “As market interest in high voltage GaN technology continues to grow, we also aim to arm our customers with device options that fit each potential application. To that end, the introduction of the 72 milliohm source and drain PQFN88 devices allows us to meet all three objectives as we fill out our current product family.”

Availability & Pricing

The 650V TP65H070LSG and TP65H070LDG (72mΩ) FETs are currently available for US$7.47 per 1000-unit quantities.