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3-Phase Eval Kit Enable’s Designers to Spin Up Motors in Under 1 Hour

September 09, 2019 by Paul Shepard

The EVAL-IMM101T-046 from Infineon Technologies is a starter kit for iMOTION™ IMM101T-046M smart IPMs. The featured IMM101T-046M device is part of the iMOTION™ IMM100 series which is Infineon's first smart IPM series, offering full 3-phase inverter functionality including motor controller, 3-phase gate driver and the MOSFET-based power stage, in a compact 12x12mm PQFN package.

This starter kit is a part of the iMOTION™ Modular Application Design Kit (MADK) platform, which, together with growing number of various iMOTION™ MADK control and power boards creates a wide portfolio of 3-phase inverter options, scalable in power ratings and operating voltages.

Target applications include washing machine pumps, room air conditioners, HVAC pumps, motor control and drives, and so on.

Before setting up and running the motor control system, the user needs to download following files from the iMOTION™ Tools & Software webpage:

  • MCEWizard and MCEDesigner PC tools, which are required for system configuring, controlling, tuning and monitoring.
  • IMM101T-046M MCE software package, containing the latest MCE firmware image, corresponding default configuration files and release notes.

IMM101T-046M mounted on the EVAL-IMM101T-046 is delivered pre-programmed with the MCE Firmware version 1.2.1. which was the actual release when the product was launched. The user should check the "Tools & Software" page regularly for updates on MCE firmware as well as iMOTION™ PC tools. Please refer to the EVAL-IMM101T User Manual for more information.

EVAL-IMM101T block diagram

Get your motor running in less than 1 hour. The EVAL-IMM101T-046 enables rapid prototyping of various inverterized motor control systems, for example fans, pumps and compressors.

Summary of Features:

  • Field-proven advanced Motion Control Engine (MCE)
  • Single-shunt or leg-shunt sensorless FOC Control
  • Scripting engine for additional flexibility
  • 600V / 1.26Ω MOSFET power stage
  • Galvanically isolated on-board-debug interface
  • Integrated protection features


  • Easy motor parametrization and tuning using MCEWizard and MCEDesigner tools
  • Fast time to market - No coding required for motor control functions
  • Online simulation tools available
  • Range of functionally equivalent iMOTION™ Smart IPM Starter Kits with different power and/or voltage ratings within the iMOTION™ MADK platform